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Meet your configurable Homefile storefront.

We’ve made it easy for your customers to transact with your business.

Homefile provides a centralized platform that brings together all aspects of home management into a single pane of glass. This allows homeowners and service providers to transact digitally, making it easier for homeowners to manage their maintenance. With Homefile, you will be able to better optimize capacity forecasting while ensuring that homeowners receive timely and high-quality services. This not only provides peace of mind for homeowners, but also allows service providers to continuously deliver exceptional service.


Easily expand from one-time fees to recurring subscription revenue.


Proactively schedule services to maximize resource capacity.

Service Reminders

Help your customers know when services & maintenance should be done

Service History

Contribute and view the service history across elements within the home.

Surveys & Feedback

Easily and proactively capture feedback in a focused and unobtrusive format.

Account Management

Customers can easily their account and chat with support directly.

…and these are just a few capabilities Homefile offers.

Different options to service every customer need.

Homefile offers various tile sizes, each with unique capabilities to suit your business needs. Whether you opt for simple or robust tiles, you can engage with your customers interactively. With Homefile, you can easily scale your customer engagement to meet the growing needs of your customers & business.


Our short tile is ideal for businesses that want to drive a minimal set of call-to-actions.


Our tall tile best suits businesses looking for interactive features while maintaining a focused core set of call-to-actions.


Our wide tiles are the perfect solution for businesses looking to enable a robust set of capabilities for your customers.

Easily customize your layout with different templates.
Never be out of sight, or out of mind.

You’ll be front and center in your customers’ Homefile.

Every tile related to your business will be placed at the forefront of your customer’s homefile. This ensures that your brand and offerings are always easy to access and interact with. We simplify the process by placing you where your customers can easily find you whenever they need assistance.

Enable even greater value through Homefile orchestration.

Integrate with your service platform for greater automation.

Integrating with Homefile enhances customer engagement, streamlines operations, and reduces administrative overhead, allowing true end-to-end automation. Valuable data insights also help optimize services and strengthen customer relationships.

Simple to deploy, simple to manage.

It’s easy to get going with Homefile.

Homefile allows homeowners to easily transfer their home’s service maintenance history to new owners during a sale, simplifying the acquisition process and eliminating costs of acquiring new customers.

The must-have for every home service business.
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